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Accepted. Included. Loved.

Life is a Journey Best Shared Together

Drinking Coffee

Round Table
Small Groups

Twice a month, we meet in small groups called Round Tables. We meet in homes and public spaces all around the community throughout the week. 

Family Table

Families with children up to 5th grade: events are held throughout the year for families to play together, including an Easter Egg Hunt, Summer Camp, and Trunk or Treat.


Families with students 6th -12th grade: small groups and fun events are held for students throughout the year.

Kids Blowing Bubbles
Library Study Group

Leadership Classes

Leadership classes are offered each quarter to raise up new leaders in our community. Leaders are needed for Round Tables, Family Tables, Serving Teams, and more. 

For more information, email

Create a Table

If you would like to create a new Table and invite others to join you, simply submit your information here to get started.

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